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How To Stay Festive When Everything Sucks

November 8, 2012

Let’s face it: life’s a bummer sometimes. Cold weather beckoning the S.A.D., natural disasters, and hang-overs don’t help. But when you wake up to a less than amazing day, there are always conscious decisions you can make to tilt the scales towards spirited & gracious again. It is up to you to be your own little ray of light. Here are some ways to turn that frown into a sh*t-eating grin.

sparkle glitter how to be happy when life sucks

 Get back to gracious. The most important step in evading the dreary/bad/anxious vibes of “everything sucks” is to remember what festivity and the “festive life” is all about in the first place. Gratitude. Why do we celebrate? Because we want to honor or pay tribute to some event or notion in our lives that is meaningful. When everything sucks, we still have a lot to be grateful for. Writing down 5 things that are awesome about your life right now despite the things that are lame is a good start. For more on this, read What is Festivity?

 Turn on some upbeat music as soon as you wake up feeling gloomy. I really love Bollywood soundtracks when I’m feeling blue, because it creates an atmosphere of celebration immediately. That’s the kind of feeling you want to introduce asap.

 Make something. Whether you DIY a card for a friend’s impending b-day or bake some banana bread, when you make things it sets the positive-thinking wheels in motion. If you are too bummed out to get creative, I suggest a thorough cleaning/rearranging of one room in your home. It’s like an instant fresh start.

 Help someone. Right now our brothers & sisters on the East Coast are in big need of help. For locals, here’s a comprehensive list of how to do that. Otherwise, see if you can find some way to brighten someone else’s day when you feel awful. Whether we fancy ourselves do-gooders or not, making other people feel good is usually awesome enough to break the spell.

 Prepare for it! Create a Pinterest board full of inspiration and uplifting imagery for days when you just want to throw in the towel. Whether you respond better to motivational quotes in pretty fonts or food porn, this will be your personal tool kit for getting through crappy mood. Need more? Gather party planning ideas, check out photos of a place you want to visit, or seek out new Pin-friends!

 Dance, smile, and laugh. If you’re doing those three things, even if you’re faking it, there is no possible way the nasty grime of a bad day can hang around. Remember: dance floors appear instantly anywhere you dance, so don’t hold back! Doing dishes? Make it disco dishes! Walking the dog? How about Moonwalking the dog! You get the idea.

 Don’t sit around in your PJs for too long. Sure, a little sloth-style lounging is good when you need a break from all things socially acceptable. But you won’t suddenly feel awesome again if you’re lodged between your couch cushions watching reruns of Golden Girls. That is a false sense of awesome, my friends! You need to put on a stellar outfit and take the world on again. Fresh air alone will speed up bummer recovery, so do it sooner rather than later.

 Hack 3 things off your to-do list. For most of us, getting things done is the first step to changing our perspective from “today sucks!” to “I’m so on top of my game!” Even small things count, like returning a phone call or Windex-ing  your mirrors.


There are other things like yoga, eating lots of leafy greens (try a green smoothie and I’ll eat my hat if you don’t feel better almost immediately), but these are universal steps we can all take.

Above all, remember that crappy moods come and go, and if you commit to letting the positive vibes back into your life, they’ll find their way home. If not… get  a sun lamp. Not kidding, they’re amazing.

How do you cope when life’s giving you rotten lemons?

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  1. June 5, 2014 4:44 PM

    I’ve never thought about the stay positive concept as “festivity” but it is actually the reason why I decided to go back to my blog and start again. thanks for the inspiration and good tips! Inga

    • June 5, 2014 4:45 PM

      What a sweet comment! I’m so glad we see eye to eye. Best of luck with your blog! xo


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