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Hey Mishka TV: Pumpkin Painting DIY

November 6, 2012

It’s frosty November, a snow storm threatening NYC tomorrow… Seems like we took a big leap from a lovely fall to a devastating hurricane, and now right into winter “wonderland”. Any one else who lives in NYC knows that by wonderland, I mean muddy slush-pit of frost bite and ruined party shoes.

Here’s hoping this year is a little less weird weather-wise moving forward. But anyway, I’m not ready to turn the content dial to winter-things yet. So let’s keep talking about fall. For instance! Here are three awesome things about pumpkins:

 They turn into carriages and bring you to royal balls 

 They are easy to paint and display 

 They are seasonally appropriate from September 1st to November 30th!

Agreed? Yes! That’s why even though Halloween is over, I’m still psyched to share our DIY painted pumpkins with you. I tried some of my favorite techniques from around the crafty-web and I’m pleased to say they came out awesome.

pumpkin painting diy halloween

pumpkin painting diy halloween

pumpkin painting diy halloween

pumpkin painting diy halloween

Watch how I did it in this festive DIY episode of Hey Mishka TV:

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For even moree inspiration, check out these links…

 Jewels, webs, and a 3D ghost motif

 Origami paper, sequins, and maps

 Painting tips using tape & glitter

 White + Gold Pumpkins (my favorite!)

Have fun and stay festive!

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