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Boo! Halloween Link Round-Up

October 23, 2012

Stressed over Halloween costumes? Not sure what to serve your guests at your terrifying party this year? Need unique last-minute decor ideas? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite resources for a festive & fun Halloween below… I especially recommend clicking on Simon Doonan‘s advice. He’s a keeper!

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 Read Simon Doonan’s Halloween Do & Don’t tip list for having a stylish, eccentric, exciting Halloween (and getting your October 31st groove on in the kitchen). His list includes ideas for soundtrack, decor, and of course, attitude.

“DO look stylish: Halloween is also the perfect opportunity to step up your fashion quotient — higher heels, daring chapeaux, tighter frocks…and that’s just the men.”

 Make a delicious pumpkin sangria to serve to your party guests with ingredients you’ll be able to find in a snap!

“It took seven hours to carve the Duke and Duchess of Gourd, but it took just seven nanoseconds for that Angry Bird-garbed brat to crush the couple to smithereens. Channel your creative juices into a consolation pumpkin sangria from Grafton Street’s Diana Morell.”

 Not sure how to primp your face into the perfect Halloween pout? The Glamourai’s Halloween makeup & beauty ideas should get the wheels turning. Ideas include a mysterious masked woman, a mod model, and a geisha.

 Writing about Halloween on your blog? If you’re unsure how to make a unique posts about this most exciting, highly-decorated holiday, IFB has some tips on how to blog about Halloween in a non-cookie-cutter format.

“Write about your favorite scary movies and their awesome outfits. Personally, I always found the twins in The Shining particularly fashionable.”

 Win the coolest-pumpkin-on-the-block award with this no-carve guide to amazing pumpkin decor.

 This amazing Halloween nails idea will probably stay in your nail art rotation long after Halloween is over. Hint: it involves a beloved childhood DIY craft item that costs very little.

Remember to have fun!

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  1. January 9, 2013 8:34 AM

    how do you make a christmas costume for your horse?


  1. [VIDEO] Break’s Halloween 31 Days Of Scare Contestant: Please Go Like on FaceBook | Practikel

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