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Bits & Pieces Of Spring & Summer

July 21, 2012

Hi violets! Dropping in with a few photos and updates. I made a new IFB account because my old username was my old blog name. Link up! I’m trying to get some NY-based bloggers in on a new project I’m starting as well… not to mention a little champagne fete during NYFW. Wanna wanna?

hey mishka citrus eyes

strawberries brooklyn

strawberries in the blender

girls brooklyn

plants fire escape garden brooklyn

herb garden fire escape brooklyn

blue glass bottles

hey-mishka-hand-drawn-24-2 Click below to read more! hey-mishka-hand-drawn-24-2

leopard print skirt

1920s makeup vintage

pink elephant cookie

pink elephant cookie

dinner mint green kitchen summer brooklyn

hindu mythology

festival fashion summer


cut on arm neon bra

beautiful brown cow

beautiful brown cow farm

red barn ny


tequila party brooklyn

whiskey whiskey

sombrero poncho

escarioka nyc party

hey mishka bohemian sketch

hey mishka bohemian sketch

jellyfish graffiti brooklyn

backyard party brooklyn

papacitos sombrero

foggy rainy day manhattan

my sexy peruvian man

That’s all for now…

This weekend I’m live-blogging Project NY for Denim Therapy as part of the curated Blogger Project (by Marcus Troy), so keep an eye out!

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