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5 Tips For Festive Summer Style

June 7, 2012

Summer’s here! If you’re in NYC like me, you’re probably still confused by the bi-polar weather patterns, but none the less, it’s time for hot pants and sun dresses. Start planning your stellar summer wardrobe! Below, 5 tips for gorgeous summer style that’s both festive and way cute.


Image via Vintage Virgin.

blue arrow  Two color families to stick to: neons and pastels. Rock neon hotpants and pastel nails, or layer wooden pastel painted beads over a chic tropical dress.

blue arrow  Go heavy on prints. Whether it’s your outfit or the beach blanket you stuff in your tote, beautiful prints from around the world should inspire your summer style.

Invest in a beautiful statement-making dress or throw on a colorful beach pull-over.

blue arrow  The right accessories can turn a minimal look into something spectacular and rich! Try a big audacious bohemian necklace over layered sheers or a simple frock.

blue arrow  Don’t be afraid to live out your bohemian fantasies with your outfits. If you’ve always dreamed of living in the wilderness with your white mare (let’s call him Sassa-Frass), eating wild berries and playing in the tall grass all day, wear clothing that emits that same free-spirited sense of summer bliss! We’re talking long skirtspretty headbands, and ankle bells.

blue arrow  Hair should be wild, whether it’s long or short. Rub in a good split end repair remedy (we love the one we linked to, but it does add a bit of volume so if that’s not what you want, watch out!) and let it air dry.

If it’s long, play with braided hairstyles and stick some flowers in it!

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  1. June 11, 2012 9:12 AM

    Thanks for the fashion tips for the summer season. It seems like neon and pastel colors are fairly safe to stick to.


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