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Go Outside!

May 3, 2012

Hey you! Yes, you. Go outside! Get off the computer during your lunch break, resist catching up on crap TV shows, and forget about playing Diner Dash or Farmville.

The outdoors are inspiring, mind-clearing, and highly spiritual if you allow yourself to forget the perils of your day momentarily and meditate on being in the midst of nature. I live in the concrete jungle, but a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is all I need to escape to a bonafide green paradise. Any of the local parks have a similar impact.

brooklyn botanic garden sakura matsuri

5 Good Reasons To Go Outside Today

blue arrow Sunlight is physically good for you in moderation! Over the past ten years or so, the sunblock slathering youth-obsessed generation made some of us forget how good—even essential—it is for your body to get some rays each day (early morning and late afternoon are the least damaging times to accomplish this). For expert advice, check this out.

blue arrow A slue of scientific studies have shown substantial evidence that the mere act of relocating from the indoors to the outdoors can be a mood and optimism booster. Feeling like crap? Mother nature can help!

blue arrow Need to lower your blood pressure or boost your immune system? We may be trained to default to expensive pills, but what if we could help ourselves heal naturally? True, going outside is just a small part of the natural healing process, but it’s definitely a credible and beautiful part of the formula.

blue arrow Need to catch up on reading, writing, or book keeping? Invest in a laptop or tablet sans-outdoor reflective surface, or bring hard copies of your work to edit/review. Imagine the difference in feeling calm and centered: crowded cubicle vs. lush green park.

blue arrow If you’re a creative soul, you’ll likely find some inspiration outdoors, whether it’s from a sunset hue or the shape of a plant. Why not go outside to try the first festive living tip?

Need some more motivation? I took my own advice last weekend and spent almost the entire thing outside. Below are my photos from the BBG.

brooklyn botanic garden sakura matsuri

brooklyn botanic garden flowers

brooklyn botanic garden sakura matsuri

brooklyn botanic garden sakura matsuri

brooklyn botanic garden sakura matsuri

brooklyn botanic garden sakura matsuri

Seriously, how gorgeous is this? And you don’t have to go to a botanical garden to find a soothing landscape. Even your fire escape (AKA, the Brooklyn balcony) with your potted herb garden and some sunshine will do.

Ok! That’s enough reading… go outside!

xoxo signature

P.S. A huge happy birthday to my big brother today! yellow heart

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  1. May 6, 2012 10:48 AM

    I love the basking red eared sliders. They are so cute!

    • May 6, 2012 10:53 AM

      Aren’t they sweet?

      Love your blog by the way, so much eye candy. xo


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