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Look Closer

April 20, 2012

Here’s an idea for getting more out of your day: look closer! Pay attention to textures and surfaces around you during your daily routine. Fabrics, walls, furniture, and facades that you think are beautiful. You’ll find a lot of color and beauty where you least expect it. When you find something you like, photograph it! Soon you’ll have an inventory of pretty macro-visuals to muse over. Here’s a few I collected.

 glee gum lunchbox brooklyn

blood oranges cut

nature hunt blanket park

swedish candy d brand

printed vintage shirt beacons closet

peruvian sea shells

nyc mosaic tile

green christmas lights

nail art checkered nails black and white

printed shirt vintage beacons closet

gems trimmings shop garment district

pink leather jacket brooklyn

Also, “But I’m not a photographer!” has no merit here as an argument. It takes about 15 seconds to download a good camera phone app (my favorite is Retrocam for taking a lot of pics that you don’t need to upload in order to save, as with some versions of Instagram). That’s the beauty of modern technology.

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