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5 Tips For Listing More Items On Etsy

March 17, 2012

I’m closing my DIY supply etsy shop soon so I have some clearance listings up right now that are priced to mooove on outta there. It’s part of my grand effort to clear my work space and get rid of the supplies I have been hoarding for years.

If you’re like me, how many things you list on Etsy =/= how many things you want to list on Etsy. With a zillion other things going on in your life, you probably have a hard time maxing your Etsy potential too (unless it’s your main business).

how to sell on etsy tips

As a recovering procrastination victim and someone easily distracted by shiny, pretty, bohemian looking things on the internet, I have arrived at a universal truth when it comes to speeding up the pace: you have to streamline if you want to get anything done. That said, here are my…

5 Tips For Listing More Items On Etsy (in one sitting)

clear purple arrow When choosing items to sell, be ruthless. What’s good enough for your shop? What is high quality, intriguing, and worth the time spent listing? Only group those items to list. Donate everything else—it’s not worth the time.

clear purple arrow Don’t take a hundred photographs of each item. Just take a few good ones. I used to over-compensate during the photography stage thinking it was better to have more photos to work with. Instead it resulted in slower editing and uploading time. Just take a few awesome photos that will educate potential customers, and move on.

clear purple arrow When listing, have a template for your title and for your description. Then not only will you be creating listing info quicker, but it will be more consistent.

clear purple arrow  Create shipping profiles that you can use repeatedly. Create them all at once and then you never have to create new ones while you’re listing specific items. Etsy now has features that allow you to automatically calculate shipping for a customer based on their zip code, and print labels right at your computer. Bam!

clear purple arrow  Finally, when you’re listing, just list. Don’t check your email a thousand times or scroll through your social feeds. Focus is key. Turn on some music that keeps your workflow steady, and hash it out.

how to sell on etsy tips

So, that’s what I’ve learned from personal experience. Hope these streamlining tips work for you! And don’t forget to browse my DIY shop, which will be closing soon and thus, has some insane sales!

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