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12 Amazing Buys On Nasty Gal Under $50

March 6, 2012

In the mood to shop? Grab some end of season sale items at Nasty Gal, ranging from summer prints to winter gear. If you’ve never bought one special out-of-season item and put it away to forget about until ecstatically coming across it a few months later, I suggest you do so! It’s a nice surprise. I can’t wait to break out my stash of spring 80%20 shoes that I bought at the tale end of last summer.

Below, everything is under $50!


Above: 1. Ombre Angora Gloves ($8.40) 2. Dallas Earrings ($12.60) 3. Rainbow Tribe Skirt ($26.60)


Above:  4. Velvet Skinny Jeans – Teal ($33.60) 5. Shredded Crop Knit – Lavender ($33.60) 6. On Point Necklace ($20)


Above:  7. Woodstock Shades – Blue ($20) 8. Chain Leather Camera Strap – Violet ($44) 9. Pleated Crop Blouse ($26.60)


Above:  10. Metal ‘n’ Mesh Dress – White ($47.60) 11. Joanie Skinny Jeans ($47.40) 12. Kate Chiffon Blouse – Violet ($33.60)

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