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Field Notes: A List Of Important Things

January 30, 2012

Increasingly the idea of being part of a “tribe” resonates with me. Digital tribes, women’s groups, social circles, like-minded consumers, four people who get together twice a year, family, spiritual subscribers, etc.

The more I listen to self-help podcasts at 4AM like a zombie, trying to figure out why I am constantly overwhelmed and never sleep normal hours, the more lists I make about things that are important/things I should probably increase my focus on.

A few things recently being revealed to me as crucial are:

red arrow  The process of declaring something to make the universe aware of it.

red arrow  The downsizing of noise. The unsubscribing from stupid fashion email lists. The removal of twitter accounts that don’t make you laugh/cry/get off your ass and do something awesome. Even news, friends with nothing to say but negative crap, etc.

red arrow  Spending some days in bed with your sexy significant other watching cheesy movies and eating left-over Peruvian food.

red arrow  Having a working blender and having green smoothies every single day. Some days consuming nothing else but water, tea, and green smoothies.

red arrow  Sitting up straight and not slouching over the laptop.

red arrow  Getting rid of magazines. I hate magazines now. I hate all my piles of them. I am cutting them all up and turning my piles of cut-outs into an organically glue-stick’d inspiration book.

red arrow  Crying my f***in eyes out once in a while.

red arrow  Blogging when it feels good. This blog is like therapy. This is my creative, colorful, aesthetic playground.

red arrow Being kinder to people. Sade said it: everyone lives in their own private war, with periodic battles that are much harder to fight when someone takes the wind out of your sails.

red arrow  Making peace with “less is more”. I am a recovering packrat and an affectionate materialist. I have been sending 3-4 bags to the Salvation army each month, but I still have so much stuff. This is the major 2012 project: operation room to breathe.

I’ll leave you with a bit of info my friends were floored by last week when I tweeted it. They make a blood orange flavor San Pellegrino, and it will rock your mouth.

San Pellegrino blood orange

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