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5 Ways To Dress Festively

January 21, 2012

It’s not hard to be festive when it’s cold out, thanks to chilly air demanding layers of luxe fabric and furs (faux furs if you like).

You can go with brocades, velvets and silks to achieve your look, but sometimes it’s as simple as a few final touches in the right hues. Here are five simple ways to add some inviting, chic festivity to your look in the form of accessories, color, and texture.

jewel tones velvet blazer gold necklace

american apparel socks hot pink

jewel tones velvet blazer gold necklace

clear purple arrow Jewel Tones. These are your winter fashion weapons. Know them and use them.

clear purple arrow Metallics. While metallics can be added to your look any time of year, they become especially effective when you work them in during the cold months. It reminds one of glistening ice, snow, Xmas lights, etc. Who doesn’t want to look like a wintry princess?!

clear purple arrow Florals. yes, I said florals. Stick to folk-arty and Nordic looking prints when you do florals in the winter. When all else fails, a floral brocade scarf can amp up your attire. If you live in NYC, you know these are a dime a dozen, but there are some gems to be found!

clear purple arrow Indian wedding jewelry. I wear it all year round and I consider it an absolute essential for a holiday party. It’s over the top and totally gorgeous, especially when paired with a simple silk dress.

Have fun with what you wear, especially during the holidays. I’m excessive, I’m super into jewels and colors, and here’s something I’ve learned after studying & working in fashion, obsessing over what was “cool” and sometimes oppressing my natural tendency to go overboard:

Have fun with everything you do, everything you wear, everyone you know. Enjoy yourself. Be festive, let go, dress up, wear costume jewelry, go a little over the top, saturate yourself with color, stick a feather in your hat, wear something because it calls to you and never because you think it’ll give you style street cred.

Life is so much more amazing if your heart is light and you’re having a good time, whether you are wearing six inch platform heels and a designer jumpsuit or a hand-sewn frock and some beat up old lady shoes with hand-glued gems on them.

What. Ever.

Whatever makes you happy.

When the clothes on your back match what’s in your soul, “fashion” becomes so much more interesting, and so much more exciting to explore and experiment with.

After all, it’s about creativity and self-expression, and finding out what colors, shapes, textures, and concepts make you feel confident and amazing. Shred your jeans if you want to, wear as much jewelry or pop-color lipstick as you want to, do your hair in an out-of-date style if you love that style. Go totally minimal, if that’s your cup of tea.

Have fun, have fun, have fun. 

I promise that this is the only way to feel cosmically right with yourself when you get dressed every day. That’s enough of my soap box for tonight!

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  1. February 9, 2012 4:21 AM

    The champagne bottle was popped right after each of Jake s men shared a story of what they remembered most about him, embarrassing or not.


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