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Gorgeous Things I Got For Christmas

January 21, 2012

Sorry babes, this is an entirely material-driven (though affection-propelled) post about a few beautiful things my better half got me for Christmas.

I haven’t really had the time to post specifically about the well-documented Xmas festivity yet (oh the parties, the food, the decor!) but I figure since Brooklyn is supposed to get snow today, I can ease back into the holiday posting and it won’t seem too gruesomely delayed. You tell me if you think it’s working.

purple wooden beaded necklace

purple wooden beaded necklace

nag champa incense

pastel wooden beaded necklace

pastel wooden beaded necklace

pink metallic scarf linen india

made in india pillow case cover

made in india pillow case cover

candy canes pink lights

And who will guard the gorgeous loot from predators and jealous friends?

nutcracker dolls silver red xmas

Yes, my army of dazzling nutcracker princes and kings and soldiers. Only a fool craving a glittery demise would dare lay a hand on my new wooden beaded necklaces!

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