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Odds & Ends From Brooklyn ✂

December 21, 2011

Reporting from Brooklyn in the least snowy winter of my entire life. Alas, we must not be sad about not being snowed in. The holiday season is still plenty festive, as proven by this animated gif. What could be more festive than a watermarked animated gif involving digital snow and my teeth?

When I showed this to my mother on skype she cited my behavior as the reason America is so behind in spy technology. “Because Americans are making animated gifs of their faces chomping digital snow while Romanians are taking computers seriously.” I agree, mom.

This post will be brought to you entirely by my phone. I often leave photos to rot in my “droid pics” folder because they’ve amassed into an enormous pool of visuals that I don’t have time to think about, but not this time! So, here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

hey mishka probiotics

pink pastel hair magazine model

williamsburg windows

jewel necklace design hey mishka

jewel necklace design hey mishka

dollhouse miniature pastries bakery

bryant park statue xmas

bryant park rink xmas

eataly nyc

hey mishka santa hat xmas 2011

I know, that was a pretty random post.

Hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the 25th (or celebrating Hanukkah!)—I’ll post up photos from our Xmas party and the Greenpoint craft sale asap.

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