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2002 just got relevant again

November 15, 2011

Twice a year I get really motivated to clear out the apartment: spring and winter. Holiday house cleaning means bringing giant bags of awesome stuff to Salvation Army.

This year, I decided to tackle a massive pile of magazines (read: so many they should start paying rent for all the space they’re taking up). Many are from 2002, and as I flipped through the pages, I found myself ripping a bunch out to keep.

magazine page boho fur winter fashion

By the end of my tearing stint, I had a nice collection of 2002 style references that, I noticed, are more relevant right now than anything from 2004—2008. See for yourself!

fur H&M boho fall fashion scarf

designer dress white pleated magazine

natasha dress twirl magazine fall fashion

fall fashion shearling jacket

white dress red plaid shirt fall fashion

fall fashion magazine

fall fashion magazine 2

green cocktail dress fur coat gisele

galliano dior peruvian hat

bohemian fashion magazine

Is this an amazing holiday party look, or what?

white dress boho new year's ever

metallics fall fashion magazine

dior ads gisele 2002

fall fashion boho winter coat

knitwear fall fashion magazine

Good news for those of you who also have magazines dating back almost 10 years. Hit up the 2002’s for some right-now style inspiration, tear out the pages you love, shove them in a folder or tape them up on your wall, and get rid of the rest!

Back to cleaning…

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