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Elise Øverland On Ice & Waris Ahluwalia ♥

February 23, 2011

I caught the Elise Øverland figure skating fashion show when I was on my way to Milk Studios for what would end up being an epic shit-show documented on Racked NY. I’m glad I stopped there to enjoy that serene, creative spectacle before heading into an angry mob of people waiting to enter over-capacity shows.

If I had known what a mess I was about to get into at Milk, I would have just stayed at the ice rink. The show was gorgeous. Color scheme and presentation were tantalizing, and anything combining big fur vests & blades is something I’ll get behind for a few minutes. Favorite looks below, via NY Mag.

Below, the Milk Studios mess I waited around in until the presentation I’d arrived for (Erin Fetherston’s ‘Erin’ debut) was already over.

It ended up being a good opportunity to snap photos of people’s cute outfit details, though.

Ran into the lovely Dani/AKA The Frogge of Style Like U fame, in a gorgeous vintage frock (I think she said Chanel).

I went home with enough hairspray to last five years and some super cute Vena Cava condoms. Photo editing then went well into the night—a race against time, because the next show was 9AM the following day.

Luckily my boyfriend baked me a NYFW stress-relief cake. ♥

The next morning I spotted Anna Wintour coming into the Edun show and ended up sitting behind her. Yes, this was extremely exciting for a fashion nerd like me.

Designer Sharon Wauchob released what I felt was a mix of exciting, electric ensembles and completely drab, shapeless looks. The deep browns, greys, and blue trim/motif combo was gorgeous, but then there were above-the-knee non-descript skirts that looked almost homely.

Favorite looks, via

After the show I chased down Waris Ahluwalia and harassed him for 60 seconds, citing our first meeting at Cynthia Rowley in 2009 where we talked about his breakfast habits. The actual interview is more amusing than the edited version for R29 but I guess it was mostly me trying to flirt with him, so those parts got cut. Le sigh, Waris!

He’s even lucky number 13 in the top 50 mosty stylish people in New York. Obviously.

But Waris-adoring aside, other cool things happened that day, like running into Garance Doré & Scott Schuman!

Eating an Honor candy bar!

And hearing Connie’s story about sitting next to Sean Lennon at a show, wearing this jacket!

At the end of the day, one thing is agreed upon by all involved. NYFW is effing exhausting. And sometimes, you have to put that office couch to use for 20 minutes or so.

Fashion warriors, until the end.


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