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February 12, 2011

The Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Evolving Influence conference was Thursday, and I managed to stop in between shows to take in the panel discussions and meet some fellow bloggers.

Piera Gelardi, Style Director at Refinery29, speaks below with other panelists on working with brands, choosing the right ad size & type for your blog, and what not to do when you start signing papers. There was some great insight to take away from the experience.

Yesterday marked one year since the suicide of our beloved Alexander McQueen, and I asked a few people at the conference where they were when they heard about his death. It was originally to be integrated into a post on R29, but due to extreme NYFW chaos, we changed the concept of the post (read the Alexander McQueen memorial post here). But I felt the stories below were definitely worth sharing:

Taja (Makeup Artist)

“I was at work and my mother had emailed me, like “Taja you’ll never believe this, this is such a tragic day”… I couldn’t believe it, I was so sad. My entire family is involved in fashion, so they understood. Most people I talked to were devastated. Some people didn’t understand, others did.”

Laura, San Fransisco (Blogger)

“When I found out about Alexander McQueen I had just landed in New York, red eye flight, first time at Fashion Week. I was just kind of browsing the internet and I read about it, probably on twitter. Then I just kind of saw everything it blow up–the devastation that happened in the fashion community. It was so sad.”

Emanuella, Brazil. (journalist based in DC)

“When I heard about it, I was in Brazil. I saw it in twitter… such a loss. All day everyone on twitter was talking about it and I was calling my friends. I was so shocked.”

Here’s the fashion week swag so far. Today’s spoils, not pictured, include Vena Cava condoms and enough Spirulina hair spray to last several months. I could almost hear the word “intern” being muttered as I swooped up bags left for dead, but guess what ya’ll. I’m not an intern. I’m just a journalist who sees treasure where others see trash. ;}

On an IFB related note, I was included in IFB’s Links A La Mode this week!

More on the way—don’t forget to follow me on twitter for an inside look at NYFW.


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