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Wang Qing Song & Capsule

January 22, 2011

Thursday night I stopped by the opening of Wang Qing Song‘s “When Worlds Collide” exhibition at the ICP. The photographer is “one of China’s most highly regarded contemporary artists” according to both the exhibition’s literature and my friend/mentor Sally Wu. The prints were large (and long) enough to span entire walls. They provided a hyper-panoramic view of modern China and the way society is dealing with surges of wealth as a country.

Enough models to fill out a film set and then some, were positioned in interactive states of being in what were generally grimy, messy, over-crowded dwellings and spaces. From slum-living to modern luxury housing (to dead bodies piled in a ditch), the images were unsettling in a cinematic way, leaving room for even the weakest of hearts to consider the message. The exhibit will be up until May—check ICP for info.

Photos from ICP.

In other news, I spent last weekend trade show hopping for Denim Therapy. I was happy to meet some new faces and find some great brands, whose staff were all happy to pile lookbooks, cds, and beer into my arms (if you’re in the industry you know that trade show and increased drinking habits go hand-in-hand). See my photo diary of the (capsule) show here.

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