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A Wildfox Take on Pre-Execution Frivolity

November 18, 2010

It has been said before, but I think Wild Fox Couture is sort of a joke in terms of the actual clothing. The look books, however, are becoming as much of an event upon release at the V-Secret fashion show. And why not? They’re just as pretty (and a bit more relevant). See the full set here.

This lookbook will be blogged to kingdom come, but I can’t resist. I find its festivity irresistible—and applicable—to my own mood as the holidays come closer. It’s a spring look book, but the heavy decoration calls eggnog-sipping Christmas parties to mind. The hoard of pretty girls, pastel hair, jewels, table full of candy and pastries… what a dream!

These moments of whimsical excess translate into icing on my blog-cake. A girl can only take so much of jagged rock jewelry and skulls-for-earmuffs in her RSS feed after a long, hard day in Gotham City.

Hair powder, mirrors, and big fans: more or less a standard recipe for needlessly glamorous photos. And while hipsters-eating-pastries is a tired motif, the subject matter here is made slightly more fresh by the pajama-esque sportswear, extravagant hair, and funny facial expressions.

This shot below was is my favorite: the floral pants and prints/motifs paired with the tailored separates and epic footwear… plus, a puppy!

And finally, a big pink bow, in case this whole thing wasn’t already girly enough. I’m being sarcastic, but yes—I love it.

In other news, I didn’t win the Bergdorf contest (I know, I know, I was robbed!) but I did win a different kind of contest this week. I wrote a feature article about author/marketing firm founder Diane Meier and she gifted me an autographed copy of her second novel, Season of Second Chances (along with some commentary of my writing, which was very cool). It was inspiring to meet her and hear her views on life/art/professionalism.

To be honest, I really wanted the book because the cover is decorated with William Morris floral motifs, and I am crazy about his work. But it turns out I like her fiction as well.

Coming up, November photo diary!

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