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My very own Bergdorf window

November 13, 2010

Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday window design contest ends in a couple of hours—I just submitted my entry. I’m a huge fan of Simon Doonan (love his books and his holiday youtube web-ispodes), and even though there are over 2,500 entries to compete with, the thought of a private tour of the windows is enough to keep me starry-eyed. I’ve been toying with my entry all week – I began with this…

…but it wasn’t quite right. So I pulled my better half aside this evening to help me tweak my design. He advised me to lose the mirror image, add a shot of contrast, and a turban. After hearing his tips, I came up with my finished entry:

Voila! There’s still an hour and change to submit a design if you’re feeling inspired… ☆

While we anxiously await the results, here are a few distractions:

→ My ex-house boy, dear friend, and Fusion Fashion Show darling Marc Sebastian Faiella is in Opening Ceremony’s dramatic/cute short film, Une Pomme Est Une Pomme.

→ Whoever you are, whatever you’re into, no one can deny how much fun it is to look at backstage shots from the Victoria’s Secret show.

Daily Candy‘s Holiday Ideas site has everything from gift-giving advice to dinner party instructional videos, party dresses, makeup ideas, and mo’! This literally kept me busy for hours.

→ Since the NYT declared turbans trendy again the other day, The Glamourai (who was honored with a ping-back via that aforementioned NYT article) has created a lovely visual round-up of turbans worn in all fashions, and if the trend wasn’t set into motion before, it sure will be now, with the unstoppable power of the blogosphere.

Last item… the mask I got in Chinatown today. I really love it. I wore it all the way home on the side of my head.

Until the next round…

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  1. November 13, 2010 1:07 PM

    So gorgeous, I really love your design (especially the balloons and dirigibles) :D It feels Christmasy but in a very unique way.

    • Tchaikovsky Darling permalink*
      November 13, 2010 3:38 PM

      Thank you! <3 <3 I love the “daytripping” theme and the “futuristic” steam punk props we got to work with.

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