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’80s Wave: Coolest Scrapbook Ever

September 22, 2010

Dazed posted a really cool write-up last week—an interview with Maripol (fierce French import/Madonna’s first stylist), detailing the epic parties, personal problems, and fashion statements that have come to define about 1/4 of the modern era’s metropolitan styling and life-styling decisions.

The interview rings in her newest book, Maripol: Viva La Downtown. Obviously the visuals are to die for. Read the interview here. The book signing was on the 17th at Marc Jacob’s bookstore (Book Marc, 400 Bleeker). Inevitably it was followed by a party reminiscent of this desperately recreated era.

The year was 1983. At the infamous Roxy nightclub in New York, a beautiful French art director/stylist/designer/photographer by the name of Maripol was scouting for dancers for the pioneering hip-hop act Fab Five Freddy. Recalls Maripol: “I went up to this cute girl and asked if she was wearing a nice bra and if she would take [her top off] off and dance for Fab Five Freddy. She looked at me like I was absolutely mad!” The girl in question happened to be an aspiring dancer and singer named Madonna Louise Ciccone…

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