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May 1, 2010

8:00PM – My idea of therapy is a spectrum of neons off the highway. Americana-style pastries on display being spied on by truck drivers who, having just turned off I-84, haven’t seen something sweet in hours. Of course I want to be a world traveler, and go wherever they’re giving free continental breakfast and mardi gras beads.

9:45PM – Hacked my last pair of jeans into cut-off shorts only to find that Miss Sixty pockets were actually meant to be shown to the world. Took that as a sign to propel forward and finished off the tights that I started working on when I crash landed on the subway stairs a few weeks ago. It was refreshing to scrape the skin off my knee after so many years of playing it safe.

12:00AM – I canceled my NYLON subscription a while ago but I still tend to pick it up in gas stations as I stumble across them. By the time I get to where I’m going I know which pages I’m going to tear out and the rest of it gets archived on a shelf of magazine purgatory, where I will revisit it once or twice more in case I missed something fantastic before I toss everything in the fireplace pile.

2:30AM – I contemplate the fact that I bought this candle under the influence of broken heart months ago and have yet to light it.

3:00AM – I get fizzy.

4:04AM – I get stylish.

5:30AM – Sorting through remnants from LES vintage shopping and taking hints from the universe, wishing the sun would just come up already and the next twenty-four hours could begin. It’s not like I’m going to sleep.

6:00AM – Last thought before falling asleep: do I have any clean socks left?

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