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1001 Drunk Texts: The Modern Legend

October 28, 2009

Last Halloween’s college girl, spandex-scraps interpretation of Scheherazade, with culturally inaccurate jewelry and stick-on nails. Horrified? Still better than your average genie-in-a-bottle costume! And at the time the point of it all was being covered in jewels and metallics, as to mask the jilted lover within.

My knight in shining armor was across the city pissing on doors and courting Swedish women while I got drunk on Asahi and txted him 1001 stories about whatever I was seeing or doing around the city. It was a sad, sad night.

But my favorite part? I was riding an elevator close to 5AM that fateful November 1st and a charming, intoxicated (probably) fine arts major dressed like a certified nurse engaged me in the following conversation:

CN: (Holding himself up with both hands) What the fuck are you, Princess Jasmine?
Me: Scheherazade.
CN: What?
Me: The Persian queen who…
CN: SO YOU’RE LIKE… Princess Jasmine’s cousin.
Me: Not really.
CN: Say hi to fucking Raja for me!
Me: (Making a graceful exit on floor 5). I will!

I do love a good faerie tale.

Check out the latest Halloween special I contributed to on Refinery29–Stylish Spooks: Runway Looks Are Haute for Halloween–and find some costume inspiration on the runway… And stay tuned to see what historically inaccurate concoction I dress up as this year!

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