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A Certain Softness

August 5, 2009

From Mixte 62, Beaute, featuring Tanya Dziahileva. I haven’t seen many fashion shoot + illustration collaborations that achieve this kind of seamless alternate universe where model and sketch can exist peacefully (or not so peacefully, in the case of the arrow sticking out of her chest below). In any case, beautiful. See the full set here.

Exciting news! In September I’ll be one of Refinery 29‘s editorial interns. I’m sure most of you know Refinery 29 as the all-in-one resource for stylish living that’s more New York than Nylon and less stuffy than I’m totally psyched and I’ll let you guys know when my first contribution goes live.

Me and the girls are up in the Goldspun No. 7 blog – thanks gentlemen!

And don’t forget… I’m hosting [Burdel Dali Presents] @ Mehanata this Thursday night ★ A crazy dance party that you probably won’t remember the next day. But what’s the fun in remembering, anyway? ;} 10pm – 4am, 113 Ludlow.

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