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The last day of magic

May 21, 2009

Our last day of fashion school ever! Today we turned in the third look of our senior collections. Sabrina gifted me her double-layered wool pleated skirt after our review.  She looks oddly satisfied with her moment of charitable behavior, doesn’t she? Almost too satisfied…

My effort was last-second but the crop top in wine sheer netting (double layered, you can get away with a bandeau under it) was a success. The skirt was a paper-doll-esque side seam flare high-waisted piece of nonsense with a beaded hem. Paper doll because I didn’t have time to add in the additional panels, which would have made it a full flare skirt. Alas.

Aki made these incredible high-waisted harem pants and gifted them to Sabrina, after seeing how stellar they look on her. It was a good day for fashion kids to gift each other projects, apparently!

Iru stopped by to say hello, and she had no choice but to get in front of my camera.

After class I went home, put up my hair, and tackled the 12 hour task of packing.

“She’s got every important designer in her i-phone on speed dial!”

Kind of random, but have you heard Agyness Deyn’s theme song? I have the same love-hate relationship with it as I do with her face. But I bet if it came on at a party we’d all go bananas. Click here to listen.

Up next, graduation photos and the sparkling immediate future…

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