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Spring Accessories & Embellishment

March 13, 2009

A darling box arrived in the mail, all wrapped up in a pretty bow. I ordered a few accessories from The Vintage Mistress on Etsy… and I’m pleased as punch!

What really inspired me to buy this scarf was the flawless bow it was arranged in on the mannequin while I was browsing. I had instantaneous visions of a cuter, more materialistically satisfying Spring.

Also in the mail today came three books I ordered, one of which was Designer Bead Embroidery by my professor, Kenneth D. King. I already knew this book was going to be an excellent resource, and I had the chance to learn a lot of these techniques directly from him.

Those who know me relatively well are aware that I am somewhat psychotic in my love for beading & embellishment, and I owe the awakening of this truth to his Couture Embellishment lectures. He is truly a gem! He even lent his studio to me and a few friends in 2007 when we wanted to hold a model casting.

Visit his website here, and buy this incredible book here.

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