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Buttons & Jewels

February 13, 2009

The city is a kaleidoscope of goings-on as the weather warms up! Here’s what’s been happening…

The design mock-up for my senior show look is coming along. I have to make a few adjustments before Alexander Wang (yes, OMG, he is our senior critic!) comes in and reviews our work in about a week.

I’m doing a sporty, Y-3-esque silhouette, but the fabrication and embellishments will reveal a very Persian King in India Circa 15th Century inspiration. The color story will be a mix of navy, warm grey, and sherbet tones.

Like my socks? ;}

My button collection continues to grow as we take advantage of the student button & zipper lab. I am pretty sure they don’t need 3K pounds of buttons and a 10-per-student limit, so we hijack as many as possible. Yes, I live on the edge.

Fashion school 101: When you just don’t feel like keeping up with the lecture in leather design, make your own Dior cosmetics campaign.

A still life of my desk.

Time for a few hours of sleep before errand running, and class!


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