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My Funny Valentine

February 13, 2009

Ready to spend Valentines Day with the one you adore? I had a little pre-v-day get together with one of my BFFs, Hannah. She brought me candy and Japanese fashion mags—both of which are my in my top 5 favorite things in the world.

Shel’tter is the umbrella group under which a plethora of incredibly cute/chic/fabulous Japanese fashion labels operate.

Good ideas for Valentines Day:

– Fake sparkly heart tattoos (more than two is really weird, avoid that).
V-day after party: Love Jam @ Happy Ending this Sunday night.
– Double dates! Just don’t fall for your girl’s man or your man’s girl or your girl’s girl.
– Obnoxious costume jewelry, paired with a simple chic dress.
– Lanvin’s Rumeur 2 Rose. Flawless Valentines Scent.
– Sending flowers to mom/dad/grandma/etc.

Bad ideas for Valentines Day:

– Any real tattoo involving your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name, star sign, etc.
– Too much hairspray/perfume/airborne things that can cause gagging.
– Text msg marriage proposals.
– Traffic jam date in the Holland Tunnel.
– Girls night out with a bunch of bitter man haters. Avoid!
– Ex girlfriends popping up outta nowhere with brass knuckles. Bring your running shoes.


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